2017 off to the races!!

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Well, I seem to have not gone back and added pictures or anything from 2016…with the wedding and the combination of both households (the party) and then the holidays I simply got too busy.  The party went off well, although our display was less than usual as I added onto my house before getting married and there were lots of new areas to be included, and old areas now missing.  No graveyard, no Axworthy flying ghosts, no garage facade or Mad Lab 😦  However, I have already started building a completely new and revamped graveyard!!  The new garage facade is next, and my wife Tonya has some great plans for a witch’s corner.


Sorry for the gap

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It’s been almost four years since I last posted here.  So much has happened, it would take many paragraphs to tell the tale.  Suffice it to say, the Halloween Party has continued, and this year is no exception.  2016 will be tight as I am getting remarried in three days, and won’t return from the honeymoon until the middle of October.  However, the Party will be held (without the full spread of usual decorations due to the time constraint), by my new wife, Tonya, and I.  This year’s ‘theme’ is supervillains, with us being the Joker and Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad).  If I can swing it, I’ll post pictures, and if I can swing it, I’ll get my video-partner to get a couple of the intervening years’ videos together.


Happy Haunting!!

Halloween 2011

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(YouTube has screwed things up a bit recently, if you want to watch fullscreen you may need to open the video on the YouTube page. 

Halloween 2010

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The 80’s Year. This one had a great deal of banter, so here it is, all preserved.

Halloween 2009

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The Farscape Year

Halloween 2008

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Halloween 2007

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No video from this year, so it’s all stills. I need to redo this one with different music too. This was the D&D year, so you may see Dark Elves (Drow) Lizard Men, Orcs, Wraiths as well as more traditional Halloween fare…

Halloween 2006

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Halloween 2005

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This is the first video we did for the party. Be gentle.

Record Time

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The garage was cleared out on the 15th, a new record.  All of the boxes should be put away by tomorrow night, again a record for putting it all away.

The decorations for the Party are extensive, comprising more than 16 plastic totes, one half of our storage shed (for the tombstones and other outside things), various corners and under beds, as well as several cardboard boxes for the garage facade brick wall covering. Plus the extra keg bucket (which is filled with lighting during the off-season).

I usually start setting up decorations in early September, and have some years still had decorations up until spring, but not this year:-)