Sorry for the gap

It’s been almost four years since I last posted here.  So much has happened, it would take many paragraphs to tell the tale.  Suffice it to say, the Halloween Party has continued, and this year is no exception.  2016 will be tight as I am getting remarried in three days, and won’t return from the honeymoon until the middle of October.  However, the Party will be held (without the full spread of usual decorations due to the time constraint), by my new wife, Tonya, and I.  This year’s ‘theme’ is supervillains, with us being the Joker and Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad).  If I can swing it, I’ll post pictures, and if I can swing it, I’ll get my video-partner to get a couple of the intervening years’ videos together.


Happy Haunting!!


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