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Most Recent of the Mishaps

Posted in Mishaps and Accidents on November 5, 2009 by johnschnederii

Though this season went well, each and every season brings its own mishaps and accidents, usually while setting up or putting away. This year’s big mishap again belonged to the seemingly cursed driveway columns. We have a set of columns that hold up the driveway gates, and they have finally met their end a mere three years after I built them. For some reason, Ohio has become some sort of high wind area, and this year it finished off the columns. Even though our columns weigh in around 20 pounds, and have 35 pounds of water in a bucket inside, somehow the wind still managed to blow them over on the 30th. One was completely shattered (by coincidence the same one that was damaged before). I’ll just have to add ‘new columns’ to the list I keep for “Things To Do For Next Year”, with some improvements dedicated to storage and stability..